Holy Sh*t! It's 2022?!

Holy Sh*t! It's 2022?!

Holy shit!


It’s 2022 and I’ve been doing this art thing for two years.

I started back in 2020 as a commission based artist. People came to me for mostly specially curated paintings, but I did everything from coasters to sweatshirts to ashtrays and more.

I was lucky enough to have a great community around me in college and business was booming. I made my first website and sold over 80 commissioned items. I had a launch party to celebrate the release of my website and I gotta say there’s nothing like being surrounded by a ton of supportive friends, encouraging you to pursue your passion.

Things were looking great. Since I wasn’t an art student, I never really had the time to paint and find my art style. So, instead, I capitalized on not having my own unique style. I would conceptualize and curate pieces of art that were specific to the customer. 

Then when I graduated in May 2021 I made the decision to pursue art full time. In school I had studied communications (Marketing and PR) so I had some marketing knowledge under my belt.

During the summer of 2021 I finished up some commissions in a studio and began to realize that since this was my career I couldn't bank on other people ordering specifics from me as an income. To be honest, it wasn’t just that… I was tired of painting everything for other people. And if I had to paint one more goddamn dog… Let’s just say I was on the precipice of a meltdown. So I took a break.

I declined some commissions in order to commit to making art for myself. Finally, I created a collection that would start the beginning of my journey as an independent feminist artist.

It was time for me to use my voice through my art. I found it freeing and exhilarating. Suddenly I was experiencing a new happiness. 

Everything I made before was different. It was for someone else. This was for myself. 

That being said… 2022 is the year for my art career!!  It didn’t take long for me to find a style that fits me. I have a fascination with pushing the boundaries of a canvas and I really resonate with pop art and mixed media art. 

The goals of 2022 are as follows… 

Sell an original piece of art to someone I don’t know. 

Participate in an art exhibition.

Create my own NFTs.

Grow my social media presence and have more collaborations.

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