How my art influences my fashion style and vice versa

How my art influences my fashion style and vice versa

Let me introduce you to the worst icebreaker in the world “What’s your favorite color?”


This question haunts me.

I am 23 years old and cannot decide on a favorite color. To this day I opt out and go with rainbow.  And honestly, if I were to deconstruct myself and my art it does make sense. 

I used to walk around elementary school with pink sparkly shoes, bright colored pants and some sort of patterned top. Not even kidding, I can point you in the direction of an old bully to confirm this.

To this day, I have never liked to follow the rules or stick to the norm. I just released my first collection of work and it shows… Hell yeah I’ll paint that portrait of your grandma or draw a landscape outside your childhood window. But if left to my own devices I have a whole lot more to add. I’ve found a sweet spot in mixed media.

There’s something so special about finding vintage things everywhere I go and incorporating them into my pieces.  I have used everything from vintage hot wheels, a barbie doll, my grandpa's pocket watch, to a medicine bottle and even more.

For me, art and fashion are the ways I express myself. I’ve found something uniquely my own in both of them. I define my style as edgy and vintage yet also funky and art deco.

**If you ever see me wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans, please tell someone because I’ll be seeking help immediately. 

This winter, you’ll see me in fingerless or elbow high gloves, ties, mixed matched patterns, funky patterned tights and trousers. 

No matter what, the outfit will have colors. Whether it’s in my clothes, shoes, makeup or jewelry, there will always be color. 

…And the same goes for my art. I absolutely adore the use of bright colors that will make my painting pop from the page. My goal is always to stand out. To do something new and different. 

Because for me, this is the art I want to see more of.

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