My Story

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Hi, my name is Ari Brochin, also known as The Golden Canvas on TikTok and Instagram. I am a 25 year old queer artist living in Brooklyn looking to be the inspiration for women that I wish I had growing up. I chose the name The Golden Canvas as a way to build a boundless identity off of my creative side. My art career began as a side hustle / small business in college that quickly manifested into chasing my dreams of being a full time artist in New York City.

My primary goal is to shed light on the subtle nuances of sexism. Microaggressions that most people aren’t aware exist. My work is inspired by 1960s styles and references.

The pop art references and vibrant colors I use, seem both familiar and light, but are really a juxtaposition used to highlight more serious topics and themes. As a queer woman in our society my goal is to elevate women and those who identify, and create art that makes them feel comfortable in their environments.

My art consists of strong women subjects. But they’re strength is nuanced. It’s rooted in just as much of their tears as their smiles. I aim to empower all women and women identifying folk and highlight the multi-faceted nature of what strength really is.